EPIC Gaming Lounge

EPIC Gaming has added two lounge areas.  If you want to play games with your friends or family, we have just the place for you.

Watch the sports game with friends, or you can play our game consoles on them.  Challenge your friends to a game of 007 on Nintendo 64 or hockey on an xbox and many others.

Our board game lounge allows you to forget about the technology and play some board or card games with friends or family.  Play a game you remember from your childhood, try a game you haven't seen, play a role play game (Dungeons and Dragons, etc) or bring in your cards (Magic, Pokemon, etc) and play.

We are a licensed location for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcohlic) and also have food available.


Retro Console Gaming Prices

tax included
  • Retro Gaming systems - $5 / gamer / hour
  • OR
  • Retro Gaming systems - $20 / table / hour

Board Game Prices

tax included
  • Board Game Tables - $5 / gamer
  • OR
  • Board Game Tables - $20 / table

Board Games & Consoles

Board Games

Come play board games or card games on our new lounge tables.  Tables are located outside of our Escape Rooms.  We have tables for small groups of 2 or larger groups up to 8..

Choose from our selection of games on our board game shelves or bring in your own.  Have a game you would like to play but we don't have?  Send us an email at info@epicgaming.ca to request it!

Board game tables are $5 per person or $20 per table and have no set time limit. Play all night if you would like.


We currently have 3 tables setup with TV's and gaming systems.  Play for $5 per hour per person or $20 per table per hour.

Challenge your friends to a game of 007 on Nintendo 64, Super Mario on NES or hockey on an xbox.

Systems available are NES, SNES, Wii, and XBox.  There are many games to select from.