Looking to raise money and awareness for your school, sports team, charity, or any other organization?   We can help!

Option 1 - During Business Hours

Choose a Monday or Wednesday night during business hours for the fundraiser event
Each salesperson for your organization, will be given a stack of Unlimited laser tag games passes. It is their job to sell as many passes as possible. Any remaining passes along with funds that are collected, are to be returned by a set date.
The price of the Unlimited laser tag pass is $15
Every Unlimited laser tag pass sold = $5 Towards Your Organization.

Option 2 - Outside Business Hours (Private)

Your organization selects a date and time, during non-operating business hours.
You tell as many people as possible to show up for Unlimited Laser tag, Baladium, Pool Tables, Darts, and Golf Simulators.
You set up your own admission fees for the fundraiser event.
EPIC Gaming charges a $600 (tax included) fee for the 3 hour fundraiser event.
$100 (tax included) for each additional hour.

How will we help you Advertise?

We will advertise your fundraiser event on our Website and Social Media Page.
We will display your flyers about your fundraiser event at our location.
The rest is up to you, to share with family and friends.

Call at (905) 397-7662 or email us at for more information.