Escape Rooms

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe the escape room experience.  You are immersed into a whole other world, it is like being in a real life video game.  A game where the players must work together to accomplish a common goal - ESCAPE!

Everyone loves activities that challenge their minds and engage them in problem solving.  Unlike video games, Escape Rooms provide a real life scenario that challanges you to solve the problems and think on your feet, to complete each step of the Escape Room.  You will also use critical thinking to devise strategies and plans to complete the puzzles.

When the clock starts and you start to work on the clues, the outside world vanishes.  In our escape rooms teams are faced with the challenge of finding their own way out.  In order to escape in time teams must work together, communicate, use problem solving skills, and think outside the box.

Grandpa's Attic - NOW OPEN!

Grandpa is always drilling us on facts, locations, quizes, and anything else you can think of.  He has finally let us into his attic and has left us a lot to figure out. As kids he always quized us on nursery rhymes.  As we became older, the quizes became harder. Can you help complete Grandpa's facts, quizes, and locations and get us out?

This escape room has been created with 3 endings.  Kids will need to release 1 stuffed animal to complete their puzzle. &mbsp;After releasing the 1 stuffed animal, kids and adults can continue to release the second stuffed animal and escape the room.

You have 60 minutes to complete the escapes.  Can you escape in time?

Success Rate


Difficulty - Medium


Teams of 2 to 10 gamers

Barbossa's Brig

The Pirate Captain has thrown you in the ships brig.  Other pirates have been here before you and left you clues to escape.  Break into the Captains treasure chest and steal his booty!

You have 60 minutes to escape before the Captain come back to make you walk the plank.  Can you escape in time?

Success Rate


Difficulty - Medium


Ages 12 plus
Teams of 2 to 10 gamers

Escape Room

Max 10 gamers per hour
  • 2 gamers     $25 each
  • 3-10 gamers     $20 each

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